Ink Quests

In progress….. daily discoveries worthy of some pixel ink.

Anything that appears on these pages will be part of that worldly substance that provides joy and equillibrium.

I hope to categorise my favourite online finds on these pages rather than as a ramshackle multitude of cryptic links in Explorer’s favourites.  Categories aim to be along the lines of: apparel, travel, home, children, people, food, places.

Favourite books and films should also appear. I have a university friend with a spectacular ancestory of White Russian escape to China and of raising the alarm from the French Embassy roof top when she saw the Forbidden City was burning. Her family still have the two Oxblood vases given by the grateful Emperor. Her grandmother wrote down every book she read in little leather bound volumes. How intriguing to know what one’s grandmother was reading at the various stages of her life. I have long wanted to do this, in part because I can never even remember the last book I read, however, in order not to bind anyone rigid, I will, limit myself to those of exemplary ink.


1 Response to Ink Quests

  1. Rachel D. says:

    I love the idea! Hopefully it will spark some new investigations on your readers’s behalf.

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