Kimono bra straps

-:6th April 2011:- An ever-generous friend gave me a pair of these Kimono bra straps for Christmas. The material isalvaged from vintage kimonos. As a result they are ever changing. Visit 12 Small Things or Kimono Kool to purchase.

For beaded bra straps go to Strappys. A small company started up in 2006 by a mother, Allison Mercer, in Colorado.

Apologies to readers of the other sex – but this is far more emancipatory than suffragette attemps to burn the bra.


Traditional night clothes

-:5th April 2011:-Traditional children’s night clothes, pyjamas and night dresses (no hoodies or footies) beautifully finished including mother-of-pearl buttons*. They also sells ones for adults as well as bedding and quilts. Click here for

*My mother used, and probably still does, to remove any button that was not mother-of-pearl and replace it with it with ones she had bought or salvaged off my father’s shirts. It breathes life into a garment. The expression ‘button-eyes’ should be reversed to eye-buttons. Mother-of-pearl buttons shine with presence, unlike their sightless plastic counterparts.


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