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Consequences of school fundraising – a fishy tale

Update on our elementary school fundraiser, the Winter Social: I regret to report that not only have all the trout died in their new trout tank but that Ms Pickle who heads Community of Caring is having her job axed … Continue reading

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Introducing the Winter Social to Euros

So what is the winter social? You poor Euros don’t know what you’re missing. You hang together at some naval bowling alley and eat M&Ms and cheap chicken wings and try to forget all about it by downing warm lager/beer. … Continue reading

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School Winter Social – Cataloguing the funky entrails

Re: cataloguing…the funky entrails  address@gmail.com 6:15 PM (6 minutes ago) Dear xyz, I cc Jen here to entertain her in her worryingly arduous life which must be, I can only think, my true purpose on this committee. Yes to 1# Certainly … Continue reading

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