Consequences of school fundraising – a fishy tale

Trout diems numbered

Update on our elementary school fundraiser, the Winter Social: I regret to report that not only have all the trout died in their new trout tank but that Ms Pickle who heads Community of Caring is having her job axed by 50%. No fish and limited pickle is the equivalent of a Dutch national disaster. The local sentiment at Westbrook Elementary has not been dissimilar.

The Elmo Boards (glorified digital white boards) which we proudly managed to raise funds for at our recent school auction – appear to have absorbed the school budget by requiring a dedicated technical guru.

The moral of the tale – school fundraising should be undertaken with caution, given elevated risk of destabilising fragile academic eco-systems. The Elmo Board has, like so many species introduced to redress an imbalance, killed off the original flora and fauna.

As so often is the case, there is nothing so dangerous as good intentions.

As of now, Inkquillibrium will be the home of ‘Jottings’ as well as the regular ‘Scrolls’ you have found on this blog. The ‘Scrolls’ are taking 12 times as long to deliver as Alexander (3rd child), admittedly he was nearly born in a Trader Joes, but still.

I hope that the ‘Jottings’ will allow me to comment and entertain on the many every day events that consume our lives – without dispensing with nights of sleep (the other similarity between blogging and child-birth).






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4 Responses to Consequences of school fundraising – a fishy tale

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  2. Rachel D. says:

    Excellent idea! I like the Jottings/ Scrolls titles (:

    Yes, what a shame about Mrs. Pickle. I am not too concerned about the trout because that happens every year- when I was in fourth grade, we had one very aggressive cannibalistic trout who ate half her brethen before we isolated her. So I think the lack of Community of Caring is more of a nuisance- it was really great, hopefully they will find a way to keep it running.

    Best, Rachel

    • Sounds as though we need to instill the idea of community of caring with the trout, not to mention the shad who seem to have taken up residency in a giant barrel next door to the trout.

      • Rachel D. says:

        Yes I quite agree. I am so glad that you have been back on the blog-o-sphere! I love reading it. You have real talent in writing! (:

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