School Winter Social – Cataloguing the funky entrails

Re: cataloguing…the funky entrails 6:15 PM (6 minutes ago)

Dear xyz,
I cc Jen here to entertain her in her worryingly arduous life which must be, I can only think, my true purpose on this committee.
Yes to 1#
Certainly my objective to #2 am finding a sitter which thanks to the amazing results of abusing the Winter Social email list makes a felicitous outcome likely.
No to #3 – lovely as the idea is, to tinker with a new program that I dont know. I will spare you the principal reasons as they are predictable and dull. The frivolous reasons: I cannot even make popcorn and have now burnt 3 batches and abandoned the pan outside next to the black and gold pair of wings that Puffy insists he wears at all times. And because Eleanor hurtled through the car and bashed her face today when it turned out she was not buckled and I did an unneccessary, but furious, emergency stop to berrate my eldest and ever-discontent daughter who I had taken for a slap up breakfast of pancakes and syrup. And for the economic reason that the PTA has, or had, more money than the Fed Reserve, at least until they decided to print a contentious $500 billion, destabilising the global economy in the hope that people will mistakenly re-invest in Wall Street. And for the cash flow reason that the we are being begged by various entities not to outdo or come near last year’s innings in this ‘fallow year’  or we mess it up for next year’s poor bastards.
Off to rescue a pizza and hurl myself into the basement.
None other than your catalog hobo,

cataloguing…and the fun it entails
On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 3:48 PM, Amy <> wrote:

Hi there Queen of the Auction Catalogue! (spelling it to ensure you know what I’m talking about, LOL) Jen and I met today to work through more auction details and I wanted to make sure you are clicked in on several fronts:
1. So the Amazing Software apparently creates the catalogue from your descriptions…are you getting oriented to it and its fine ways? Did Dana tell you there is a gotomeeting orientation at 8 pm tomorrow night that we are all calling in for? You need to download gotomeeting to your computer in order to participate. Thought you may want the chance to talk to the experts firsthand although you can be brought up to speed separately if needed.
2. Also will you be at the auction meeting on Mon Nov 15 at Nadine’s? Want to make sure you are aware of what’s coming in and you could get your first batch of stuff to work on so that it spreads things out a bit for you….
3. Lastly, we have the opportunity to put sort of a powerpoint up on the bowling alley tvs that features top items for sale – you can display photos and text. Although it’s not powerpoint, it’s Windows Movie Maker which apparently every computer that uses Windows has already on it. Since you’ll be working with the catalog and will be aware of what’s big ticket, etc Jen and i were wondering if you’d be willing to look into this and coordinate putting it together? It has to come to the event on a disc and then it just plays on rotation on the tv screens all night. Let me know if you’re up for it.
I think that’s it – hope all’s well. I feel like i never see you! Will miss seeing you and everyone on Wednesday night – hugs, xyz.


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