Rosemary Panna Cotta with Rose Syrup

I discovered this last summer when staying down at the Mill . The immense bushes of rosemary just needed to find a home in a new recipe and I was inspired by the Amsterdam Chocolate shop Unlimited Delicious that makes Rosemary and even Tarragon Chocolates sprinkled with Sea Salt.

I admit that in Italy I buy the pannacotta mix and then bring it back here along with porcini mushroom stock cubes and other victuals.

I see one can buy pannacotta mix online here. It is not a brand I know but I dont think that it is a very complex product and with the mix it is incredibly easy to make even with Puffy hanging from your leg.

Follow the instructions. I do 50% cream and 50% 2% milk which still tastes wonderfully rich.

Infuse the concotion over low heat for a good 10 mins with some 2-3 nice sprigs of rosemary. Add a teaspoon of balsamic at the end and then strain.

For the rose syrup I just get rose water and make a syrup by adding sugar
I pour this over the pannacotta just before serving and it is quite horrifically nice.

Last year for our Halloween party, I used plastic trays with the shape and definition of skulls and used them as moulds for the pannacotta. I then turned them out and surrounded them with dried red rose petals. It looked pretty gothic an no one knew what it was. Had I not deleted the entire of 2009′s photos I would be able to show it.


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