What to do?

One Halloween parade down (Mongolian Prince with a Sword – Sword most noteworthy element), so now what next? I should start editing the 250 page report on the Misuse of Corporate Vehicles (not about dropping Pepsi in your corporate hire car) that will bring my husband fame and, hopefully, us all huge riches. The G20 awaits this masterpiece with baited breath but as it is I am going to invest yet more time in the hopelessly clashing blues of Eleanor’s Alice in Wonderland costume. Neon lights are the Darth Vader of aesthetics. I made it to Tysons’ Corner (a warren of a mall for Killer Rabbits) for the first time in 6 years. I made it past the lady who was having her moustache threaded in public – extraordinary and humiliating spectacle, and past the gentleman clasping a wall and apparently stretching his ham strings, I skirted the hurricane cabin where girls were experiencing weather – the only weather they are likely to experience if they hang around in malls and eventually ended up with a green jacket that turned out to be brown when I released it into the daylight. Similarly I have now three times, bought a yard of blue ribbon only to discover it is more acqua than blue and clashes horribly with Alice’s skirt. I know dear Mr Carol was supposedly under the influence but this might have been too much for even him.
I am faced with the only option of ‘editing’ the skirt to incorporate the acqua tastefully and tie in the iconic Alice Band atop Eleanors quirky head of hair in the hope that the various elments fall into some sort of unity. The hair will not help.
The only success of yesterday: Putting together one metal pink flamingo – I had to gently boot my little mongolian prince, plus sword, in the “butt” to get the screw driver off him. A sword and screwdriver on a two year old starts to get menacing. Even the ants in the kitchen were taking a second look at their options.

The French on the lawn were biked French. They moved off on their spoked wheels in the direction of Istanbul – they also have a blog, called ball bearings, its catching.

Today started at 6.14am with Alexander demanding to meet Halloween who has clearly become a sizeable character in his small brain.


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2 Responses to What to do?

  1. janeriddle says:

    after slaving over a hot meal…(I haven’t cooked in 4 days)….dishes, pots & pans stacked in a heap….eating left-over M&M’s from a baby shower this weekend……sipping on a chilled Pinot Grigio….(I know the weather suggests red)….and settling to read your post……you did not let me down…..very entertaining…..and such a command of the language…..can’t wait for the next post…!!

    • Firstly how do you manage not to cook for 4 days? I would love to know and wierdly I used to love to cook. I even do occasionally still enjoy it and am off to teach a friend how to make a zucchini souffle with taleggio fondue – and attempt to drink san pellegrino in honour of my mat session. This will be tricky.
      Secondly think that it is mood not weather that determines wine colour, what concerns me more is pinot grigio and M&Ms. Does that combination work?

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