Webkinz had it coming….

10 February 2010

Webkinz’s physical counterpart

Dearest EMS,

As you may or may not know, we are on our 5th day of being snowed in – got another foot of snow today. The Wine Mammas are one whirlwind of virtual communication and status upates, from basement obstacle courses to making maple syrup candy crystalise on sledgefuls of snow. I had to keep up with the vibe and below is my summary of day 5. Being an innocent young mom, you might need to know what a webkinz is… a ridiculous furry animal (costs 50 pence to produce with a password to access a website rich with marketing once it has all your child’s essential data). They should pay you to buy the dratted thing and it was the unfortunate gift at R’s Bond party. One parent deeming it more tasteful than a book on James Bond.

Confession: I could not stop myself … Webkinz had it coming.

The day had been going swimmingly. We were painting flower fairies onto plates. Rosalind had homed in on the Willow Fairy as her total alter-ego, despite a wild red mane and get -up entirely made out of leaves and nudity. We had made waffles and even succeeded in finishing a pilates routine in the basement, with Puffy in attendance for advanced technique.

For a moment I felt a little smug. Then Webkinz* World burst upon the scene,with a frustrated child in hot pursuit, attempting to feed its wretched panda bear and take it to see Doctor Quack to check its apple intake. After being summoned repeatedly to the scene of this pampered pouch, it became too much. After a brief but measured moment, the laptop plummeted dramatically from desk to floor and that was it for Webkinz World. I personally think it had it coming…

I feel I need to confess, I have taken pictures of the distressed article to paste upon my fridge as a caution against such emotional behaviour. The irony is that as a backlash Eleanor though I might need some TLC and offered to massage and exfoliate me with a nail brush in the bath. Clearly with good Catholic antecedents I could not decline, it was painful but refreshing. Just in case you get really desperate, these are all options. Plus I hope none of you have destroyed a flailing bit of hardware but if you have, you might feel you are in company.

From the other laptop.. (to be honest the better one) and in vague subconscious hope of an Apple…


Ironically the day was actually quite good and the laptop had it coming too. We ended the day dancing in the kitchen and doing Downward Dog before bed.

*For the happily uninitiated: “Webkinz – the stuffed animal that comes alive online in Webkinz World.” Description from the Webkinz site.


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