Happy Hanukkah

Dreidel for Hanukkah

My ‘Dear Best Jewish Friend’,

The only mother I know to have colour coordinated her family member’s activies  on a white board. Offspring stick to your colours or you will find yourselves impaled on a menorah.

Happy Hanukkah, or the first day thereof.   I am so glad to overhear that you like the glint of a Christmas tree. We will, ourselves be frying up some latkes come the weekend.  It is now mandatory procedure ever since you introduced them (boiling hot fat and lacerated potatoes) in kindergarten class four years ago.

As for Christmas trees, why enjoy them only at other people’s homes? I realise the tumbling needles might whip up your blow dried hair but apart from that, what is there of Christmas in a Christmas tree? Now if you were anti-Victorian (good grounds given the fish knives and other complications) or anti-druid or just anti-sprites and wood nymphs you would be well advised to steer clear but otherwise quite honestly indulge yourself. Get ornaments that colour coordinate with your family and let the decoration begin.



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